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Rebel Dancer into the unknown: Tampere, Finland, February 2th to 4th 2018

There is a rebellious dancer in all of us. Often sleeping, until it is activated to expression, when we are confronted with a threat to our freedom or independence.

The rebel dancer knows how to resist sleepy normality and break free, showing you your inner power to follow the passion of the heart.

We will explore the energy of the rebel dancer, dancing the landscape of the unknown. Diving under the surface, following the teachings of chaos, we’ll catch a glimpse of our path trough the eyes of the rebel dancer."

Inspiration: Gabrielle Roth’s 5rhythms ecstatic dance practice and ‘Rebel Buddha’ by Dzogchen Ponlop.

Teacher: Birgitte Rasmussen, certified 5rhythms teacher since 2008, 5rhythms tribal member since 1997. 
Studio Vintti
Näsilinnankatu 34 A 31
33200 Tampere

DATES 2.-4.2.2018
Fri 18.30 - 21.00
Sat 12.00 - 18.00
Sun 11.00 - 17.00

Only Friday eve 25€
The whole weekend 180€

Early bird -price 150€ (Fri-Sun) valid till 11.1.


The power of dancing: February: 23th, 24th, 25th. 2018

The 5Rhtyhms is a simple and yet deep dance practice. The dance grows from inside and develops your expression, your creativity, your awareness and your healing.
We’ll dance through the 5rhythms: flow/the power of being, staccato/ the power of loving, chaos/the power of knowing, lyrical/ the power of seeing and stillness/ the power of healing.
Everybody can dance the 5rhythms. The dance is your expression; there is no right and no wrong. Only the dance itself, as it unfolds through you. The rhythms are the structure, which allow you to find new forms and paths in your dance.

Weekend Workshop:
-Empower your being
-Express your heart
-Unfold your wisdom

Dates and Times:
Feb 23 (Friday evening 6.30-9.00pm)
Feb 24 (Saturday 11am-5pm, with a lunch break in between)
Feb 25 (Sunday 11am-5pm with a lunch break in between)

Friday evening only (Feb 23): LKR 2500 (*early bird LKR 2000)
Full workshop (Includes Feb 23, 24, 25): LKR 18,000 (*early bird LKR 16,000)

*To secure your early bird price, please confirm and make full payment on or before Friday 16th February 2018.
Contact Thanuja Fernando for details. Mail: OR Birgitte Rasmussen:

If you are only able to join 1 day of the weekend, contact Thanuja Fernando for more details.

Body wisdom & intuition in

"Our intuition is an inner power and wisdom, and through the 5Rhythms: flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, we will be weaving wisdom of our intuition into the rhythms of every day life. We will use the map of the 5Rhythms and connect our personal home rhythm to Gabrielle Roth's 5 treads of intuitive wisdom."
Dates: March 2th, 3th and 4th 2017
Venue: Sri Yoga Shala
Durage Watta, Metaramba, Sri Lanka
March 2th; Friday night
Mobile: +45 26271471
Price coming up soon
Maj 2019 bliver der mulighed for at deltage i en 5rytme-rejse til St. Croix, The Virgin Islands. Se meget snart meget mere. 
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