Emma Leech i Danmark: Heartbeat workshop


Aflyst pga. corona - Cancelled because Covid19

TRAPEZE:  a movement lab that explores the energy of fear and courage

We will use the map of the 5 Rhythms to investigate the energy of Fear and Courage. When we open to the teachings of the map as pure energy, the essence of our hearts dance.  We bring our curiosity, and plug into the body’s instinctive language of rhythm, the shapes of Fear as it moves through us, or the shapes of Fear as it freezes us, once we embody this energy and learn to trust that the dance is bigger than us, and we can empty all that makes us feeling human beings onto the dance floor. Powerful, Vulnerable, Tender, Beautiful and real, Courage becomes our sword of conviction, our back bone. Move beyond our Fear of Fear itself into the spirit of that instinct that protects us from danger, away from the stories that hold us back.

Teacher/underviser: Emma Leech, from London, certified in 5Rhythms v/Gabrielle Roth in 2001, teaching in England and international.

LINK: www.emmadance.co.uk og

Language: English 
Venue: Kapelvej 46C, 2200 Copenhagen N

Friday, May 22th: 6.30PM - 9.00PM
Saturday, May 23th: kl. 11.00AM - 6.00PM
Sunday, May 24th: kl. 10.30AM - 4.00PM

Early bird: 1500 Danish Crowns, until May the 7th - then it’s 1850 Danish
It’s possible to apply for a cheaper spot, if you are unemployed, student, on pension etc.

Contact Birgitte Rasmussen
Mail: dans5rytmer@gmail.com
Phone: +45 26271471
Payment: Nordea 9559 4396224297
Iban: DK6520004396224297; Swift: NDEADKKK

The great picture on the front is painted by
Lars Christensen, www.cirkling.dk
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