Wild heart dancing

Wild Heart dancing med LIVE MUSIC – Søndagsworkshop 25. februar 2024, fra kl. 11.00 til 17.30 Med musiker Baba Kone på djembe og Kora og 5Rytmelærer Birgitte Rasmussen


Den blå hest, Oddervej 80, 8270 Højbjerg Varighed: 6 t. 30 min.


In the wilderness of our body is our wild nature and heart. Our wild nature and heart have the inborn potential to create, flourish and unfold deeper wisdom of who we really are, without labels, limits, and fears. The wild nature and heart are up against discipline, social influences, and cultural norms. We will dance and wake up both sides of the heart, get to know them, so we can let go of patterns, which no longer serve us. In the fusion of the wild and the social heart, we can give birth to greatness, deeper dances, and abundance of love.
We will use the drum and the map of the 5Rhythms to take this journey.

Gabrielle Roth: “Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.”

Musician on drums and kora: Baba Kone, national and international drummer, since he was 6 years old, Baba is from Burkina Faso.
5Rhythms teacher: Birgitte Rasmussen, trained by Gabrielle Roth, waves 2008, and trained by Jonathan Horan, heartbeat 2022.

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Sign up:
Send a mail to dans5rytmer@gmail.com and pay the workshop to account
Nordea reg: 9559 konto: 4396224297 eller mobilpay til 412017

750 Danish Crowns for music and workshop, tea, and snacks. It’s possible to apply for a discount if it’s difficult for you to pay and you have a small economy.